Shrewsbury EVENTS
June 1st Branch meeting Question time 3rd Theatre Trip 2pm 7th,14th & 21st Physio Sessions 8th & 22nd Speech Training July 5th,12th &26th Physio sessions 6th Branch Meeting Speaker John Arnfield Garden Birds and Their Songs 12th & 25th Speech Training 18th Day Trip to Salford Quays 19th Committee Meeting August 2nd, 9th Physio Sessions (note no Session on the 23rd) 3rd Branch Meeting Speaker Marie Haywood 24th Speech Training (please note only one this Month) September 6th, 13th & 27th Physio Sessions Branch Meeting speaker TBA 7th & 28th Speech Training 20th Committee Meeting (this date may have to change) 20th Trip to Birmingham Hippodrome October 4th,12th & 25th Physio Sessions 5th Branch  Andy Jukes Icelandic Trek 12th & 26th Speech Training Note-All Physio Sessions are at 3pm and Speech Training Sessions are at 2pm at Harlescott Social Club