Website of the Shrewsbury Branch of PARKINSON’S UK Thanks   for   visiting   this   Shropshire   Parkinson's   Site.   The   site   is   maintained by   the   Shrewsbury   Branch   of   PARKINSON’S   UK,   though   members   of   other branches   in   Shropshire   are   welcome   to   join   with   us   to   provide   information, contact names, news and details of forthcoming events. Being    diagnosed    with    Parkinson's    comes    as    a    great    shock;    those    with Parkinson’s   and   their   carer(s)   can   feel   anxious   and   at   a   loss.   We   can provide    information    and    reassurance    along    with    much    practical    help    to those new to the condition, and we offer continued support. Please   use   the   menu   buttons   to   navigate   around   our   site,   and   please   contact   us   if   there   is anything   you   feel   we   can   help   with,   or   if   you   have   something   to   contribute   to   the   website   and/or the   Branch.   Latest   events   and   additions   usually   appear   first   on   the   GALLERY   page.   You   can click on the PARKINSON’S UK logo at the top left of each page to visit the national website. The   Shrewsbury   Branch   meets   at   The   Harlescott   Social   Club,   Roselyn,   Shrewsbury   on   the   first Thursday   of   the   month   at   2:15   pm.   ( click   here   for   a   map )    The   car   park   entrance   is   on   Roseway. For further information contact Fred Jones on 01743 872597 or by  e-mail
Physiotherapy   sessions   for   People   with   Parkinson’s   are   held   at   the   Harlescott   Social   Club   on   the 1st,   2nd   &   4th   Wednesdays   each   month   at   3   pm.   Please   check   on   the   Events   List   (button   above) or contact Fred Jones before attending to make sure the session is running.