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Diary Dates Thought Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do April 4th 11th 25th Physio Sessions 5th Branch Natalie Mincher-Locket Talk on swallowing 7th Theatre Severn EVITA 13th & 14th Collections at Market Hall 12th & 26th Speech Training May 2nd 9th & 23rd Physio Sessions 3rd Musical Afternoon 10th & 24th Speech training 11th & 12th Collections at Tesco Market 16th Committee Meeting June 6th 13th & 27th Physio Sessions 7th Branch Membership Road show (membership department) 11th to 15th Branch Holiday 14th & 28th Speech Training July 4th 11th & 25th Physio Sessions 5th Malcolm Parker (Wills) 12TH & 26TH Speech Training 18th Committee Meeting 19th Day Trip (as yet a Mystery) any Ideas August 2nd 8th & 22nd Physio Sessions (owing to holidays may only be 2 sessions) 3rd Branch Amanda Smith Move More Free 9th & 23rd Speech Training Please Note all Physio Sessions Start at 3pm on Wednesdays and Speech Training at 2pm on Thursdays at Harlescott Social Club,
Request from Vicky Turrell – She was the speaker at our meeting last September Can you help me? What is it like to have PD? I am an author and have written an autobiographical novel called ‘It’s not a boy!’ It is about a little girl growing up in a farming family. My next book is called ‘My mam and me.’ My mother developed Parkinson’s but she did not talk about her illness very much. What I want to know is – what it was like for her to have PD. Can anyone help me? It will be in complete confidence. I am interested to know how it feels to be diagnosed and how you get on with your life. What are your worst symptoms and what are the highlights in your day? Anything you can tell me will be a useful insight. If you feel that you can help please call me - Vicky Turrell on 01691 (Oswestry) 610673 Or let Fred Jones know so that he can contact me via e mail. Thank you.