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I feel much better after the class. I sometimes come in unable to move but I come out feeling wonderful! There’s a lot of laughter during the session!” Joyce  “I believe that it helps me to maintain a good level of physical fitness. The group is lucky to have a wonderful t eacher who is one of a few Neuro-Physios practising in t his local area.” Rick Singalong! HomeInstead are holding a series of singalong afternoons to help raise money for our Branch. The afternoons start with a performance by young musicians. Tea and cakes are then served, before everyone joins together for a group singalong. The next session is at Trinity Hall, Meole Brace at 2pm on 15 th  December, followed by sessions on 9 th  January, 22 nd  February and 29 th  March at Bayston Hill Methodist Church, Lansdowne Road. Our Chair, Fred Jones has been to three Singalongs and highly recommends it!
Branch Annual Review The   Branch   Annual   Review   is   due   to   take   place   shortly.   Jackie   Murrall   (Parkinson’s   UK   Volunteer   Co-ordinator)   will   meet   with Branch   Committee   members   to   discuss   what   the   Branch’s   highlights   have   been,   future plans    and    any    key    challenges    arising.    If    members    would    like    to    contribute    to    the review,   please   contact   Fred   or   talk   to   any   of   the   Committee   Members   at   forthcoming events. Parkinson’s UK Financial Assistance Jackie   also   highlighted   that   from   January   2019,   Parkinson’s   Financial   Assistance   grants will   be   available   across   the   UK   for   people   with   Parkinson’s   and   their   unpaid   carers.   As the   grant   aims   to   reach   people   in   greatest   need,   there   are   specific   criteria   and   certain restrictions    apply.    For    more    information,    phone    Val    McKay    (Parkinson’s    UK    Local Advisor) or email Summer Holiday 2019 Trying   to   find   a   hotel   with   availability   and   ability   to   cater   for   our   group’s   needs,   at the   same   time   as   the   coach   is   available   has   proved   a   challenge!   However,   never   to be    beaten,    Fred    has    managed    to    book    the    Victoria    Hotel,    TLH    Leisure    Resort Torquay   for   24 th    -   28 th    June   2019.   The   cost   is   a   little   higher   this   time   at   £215.00   per person,   with   a   non-refundable   deposit   of   £25.00.   Please   let   Fred   know   if   you’re interested    in    going.    As    this    holiday    is    a    Parkinson’s    holiday,    all    members    are covered   for   travel   insurance   by   the   Society.   The   2018   holiday   was   great   fun;   let’s hope that we get fantastic weather again! And finally, Fred’s thoughts...     If everybody did a little bit more, everyone would do less.
DATES FOR YOUR DIARY  We meet at the Harlescott Club, Roselyn, Harlescott Shrewsbury SY1 4LP on the first Thursday of the month at 2.15pm   December 2018 5th 12th Physio Sessions (only two this month) 6th Christmas Party Time 13th Speech Training (only one this month)  January 2019 3rd Branch Meeting: HomeInstead (Beware of Scams) 2nd 9th 23rd Physio Sessions 10th 24th Speech Training  February 6th 12th 27th Physio Sessions 7th Speaker: TBC 14th 28th Speech Training  March 6th 13th 27th Physio Sessions 7th Branch AGM 14th 28th Speech Training 20th Meeting of the new Committee