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4. Stay active Keeping active is important for mental and physical wellbeing. Concentrating on activities can also be a helpful distraction: Spend time on hobbies or learn a new skill. You could try: listening to an audio book, doing a crossword, have a movie night or doing something creative such as photography (in the garden or around the house), writing a blog, or an arts and crafts project. Or why not take part in some online research Exercise is an important part of looking after your physical and mental health. The Government has introduced a strict stay at home policy, but if you’re not self-isolating you're allowed to leave your house for one form of exercise a day, such as for a walk. When you do leave the house, you should avoid busy spaces and keep a distance of around 2 metres (6 feet) between you and other people. If you're not comfortable going out, try to get out into your garden if you have one. If you have no access to outside space, open your windows or doors to get some fresh air in. 5. Look after your mental health Talk to people about how you're feeling. It's natural to feel worried at this time. By sharing your concerns with friends and family, you may feel reassured that you are not alone. The NHS also has a directory of charity helplines that can help you specifically with your mental health. Relaxation techniques, such as mindfulness, can help you manage your mood. Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment and not being judgemental about what's happening or how you are feeling. If you feel very anxious or think you are depressed, you should contact your GP or Parkinson’s nurse by phone. They may be able to arrange counselling sessions that you can do over the phone or online. They may also suggest medication to help you. And finally, Fred’s thoughts... Keep your face to the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you Good friends can make the journey through life a lot easier And a joke to make you smile... An elderly lady was trying to cross a busy road. Each time she stepped onto the road, a car came whizzing by. A policeman came up to her and said “Excuse me Madam, there’s a zebra crossing just up the road” The lady replied “It’s certainly having more luck than I am!”
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