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services which could support them. A new nurse is urgently needed to support Marie Haywood who currently covers all the clinics at RSH and PRH, as well as supporting inpatients. The Parkinson’s UK team have spent several months trying to work with the Trust to get information about the situation but without success. A formal complaint was therefore raised and asked when the post will be advertised, why it has taken so long and timescales around the recruitment process. The complaint was also sent to the five MPs covering the county. Following the complaint, the Trust proposed a meeting which was attended by Branch Committee Members Mike McGill and Tony Day, along with David Swindells Area Development Officer from Parkinson’s UK. There was recognition that the service was understaffed but no offer of funding was made. We await a formal response to our complaint. HealthWatch Shropshire There is some irony following our frustrations around the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist post that we are being asked: What would you do to make the NHS better in Shropshire? The Government is investing an extra £20bn a year in the NHS until 2023. HealthWatch Shropshire is asking for local views to help decide how that money should be spent in our local NHS. They are seeking ideas and experiences to help make local health services better for everyone in Shropshire including: How would you make it easier for people to take control of their own health and wellbeing? What would you do to make support better for people with long-term conditions? For more information and details of the survey, visit or call the HealthWatch team on 01743 237884. Scrap prescription charges for Parkinson’s For working-age people with Parkinson's, prescription charges are yet another hurdle they must contend with, and on 1 April 2019 prescription charges increase to £9. The medical exemption list, which determines who pays for prescriptions, is over 50 years old and is very out of date. It leaves out people with several long-term conditions that rely on medication to keep well, including Parkinson's. For more information about what Parkinson’s UK are doing to try to scrap prescription charges for Parkinson’s and what you can do, visit And finally, Fred’s thoughts... When you feel too old to do a thing – do it!